The Belgian Sheepdog, noted for its intelligence and alertness, is widely used for police work both abroad and in this country. The ease with which the belgian learns and its responsiveness to your every wish makes it a joy to train for herding, showing, as a house pet, companion or guardian of the property.


The Belgian is square in appearance, with a deep chest, small compact feet, moderate bone, and high set triangular ears held erect when at attention. The tail is heavily plumed and carried level with or slightly above the line of the back and used as a rudder when turning. Feathering on the forelegs and underside of the body, and a ruff framing an expressive face and eyes, add to his beauty.

Because Belgian Sheepdogs are sensitive companions, Sandevel is extremely careful to breed for temperament as well as beauty.

A Sandevel Belgian is a joy to own, a strong protector with the speed and agility to back him up.

Sandevel Belgians are extremely loyal and affectionate with the family; with friends they are curious and reserved; with strangers, alert. They are happy and gay in spirit, inquisitive of mind, with a delightful humor that will bring no dull moments, and an originality that will leave you amazed at the dog's ingenuity.
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